How to Adjust After Your Injury
Monday July 22, 2019

Over the years we have met with many people after they were injured because of someone else’s mistake. Some had been injured in car wrecks. Some had been injured in a rental house while on vacation or while working at their jobs. Some had finished medical treatment. Some were still under a doctor’s care. But many had the same question: Can I handle this myself? Although the facts and circumstances surrounding each person’s injury are different, there is one common thread among clients. They all had to deal with an insurance company’s claims’ adjuster to recover money. Because your lawyer can be your best advocate when dealing with the claims’ adjuster, you should speak with a lawyer before you speak with someone from the insurance company. The claims’ adjuster is experienced and trained to gather information from you to use against you to negotiate a minimal settlement of your claim without considering the potential long-term effects of your injuries or your need for future medical care. You will need a lawyer to help you understand what is fair in your situation. You will also need a lawyer to file a lawsuit to leverage your case for either future settlement or trial. No matter how minor you may think your injury is, we are happy to talk with you about the facts of your case. Please call Dennis Rose at (252) 480-1414 or email him at dennis@outerbankslaw.com to schedule a free consultation.